The FearLess Method 12-week course includes:

  • A Dozen lessons backed by scientific data including 4 toolboxes that include the most powerful tools available to train your fears to work for you
  • Three-part D.R.E.A.M series designed to get you crystal clear on your future and teach you how to adapt without losing momentum or motivation
  • Daily Hypno-Meditations that have been designed to retrain your brains evolutionary fear constructs and automatic ways of thinking.
  • 3 Fear challenges that will teach you to dance with your fear
  • 3 high energy live calls with me!
  • A professionally trained mentor and accountability partner that will work with you weekly throughout the entire program to support, guide and challenge you.
  • An opportunity to join the rapidly growing Fearless Community.
  • The opportunity to to become a professionally trained mentor upon graduation
  • An opportunity to work directly with some of the best mentors and coaches in the world

The objectives of this course are to:

  1. Teach you to be intentional and take powerful action in the creation of your life. You may have heard the quote that "Once your WHY is strong enough, you'll figure out the how". We support you with the WHY and the HOW.
  2. Give you awareness of your deep rooted fears and train them to work for you. High achievers don't like to admit they have any fear, I know because I'm the same, so, for the sake of our high achievers out there, anxiety and stress are symptoms of fear. We teach you how to raise your capacity for motivation and increase your momentum in life by changing your relationship with fear.
  3. Gain access to the most effective tools and resources on the planet to achieve your goals at a rapid pace. We also assign you a dedicated FearLess mentor who will connect each week to support, guide, challenge and hold you accountable to your commitments until you've been able to put these tools into practice and create new habits and ways of thinking."