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Founder and Chief Limiting Belief Slayer,
Taking your life and career to the next level

From one ‘busy’ professional to another: I’ve created the FearLess Method as a tool to support you in creating the life you want NOW. Not ten years from today but right now. Say it can’t be done and I will show you how. That’s my commitment to you sparked from a lifelong passion of personal and professional growth.  

Rewind to a point in time where I felt stuck in my career as a ‘successful professional’ (on the outside). I reached a plateau, was spinning my wheels and feeling suffocated by FEAR. Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of ______ (insert you name it).

How could someone totally competent who ‘should’ know how to get over their own hurdles not figure this piece out? The piece that would launch me to the next level, the piece that would change my life and allow me to become the person who does the things I only once dreamed of. Something NEEDED to change.

FearLess is the science-backed, step by step process that finally ‘clicked’ for me and is the same process I continuously refer back to that cycles me into each next level of my life. The methods within FearLess continue delivering real results in my relationships and career - which is a ripple effect for health, money, new opportunities and more. All I have to do is keep showing up as life goes on and more comes up - as it inevitably does.



A master coach with marine level rigor, creative visionary and courageous agent of change
- meet Roman.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that consistency and accountability create the greatest impact towards success in anything. I don’t care what your title or fancy profession is, I care about YOU. The person who’s looking for the breakthrough, or that next level.

My passion and conviction is delivering you the support you need that will shape you into a stronger OR softer version of you. It wasn’t until my mentor stood for me and WHAT I wanted that I could stand with conviction for myself. I didn’t know what was possible, but my mentor did. The accountability that comes with mentorship is still an essential element in my personal growth today.

You and I both know that self-administered coaching and feedback is bogus when you're truly seeking a next level breakthrough, which is why I’m here. My strength lies in uncovering what’s holding you back that you can’t pinpoint in a classroom or book. JOIN US for the next round of FearLess and see what’s possible for you! Your future self will thank you. Get ready to turn the dial up and have some FUN!